National Veterans Awareness PAC

An Initiative of the National Awareness Committee PAC, a political organization(not a charity) established under Section 527 of the IRS tax code

Our Veterans need our Support

For more than a decade, the VA healthcare system has been under-resourced and unable to provide timely access to all enrolled veterans seeking medical services. Our PAC currently supports removing the 40-mile distance rule completely, this rule keeps millions of our nation’s heroes from getting the care that they need.

Many of our veterans are too scared to seek outside care due to the fear of receiving bills, that they cannot afford. Our nation’s heroes cannot continue, to be treated this way!

As well, many of our veterans are not getting the cutting-edge medications that they need. Veterans’ should not have to rely on a generic medication list that is made up of non-name brand medications. Many of these medications got on this list by being the “lowest bidder”.

If the Veteran’s provider feels that he or she needs a certain medication, a bureaucrat in Washington should not be allowed to veto that decision.

​These decisions should be made between the Veteran and his or her provider! It is time that all Americans and elected officials show our heroes the respect and appreciation that they deserve!