National Firefighters Awareness PAC

An Initiative of the National Awareness Committee PAC, a political organization(not a charity) established under Section 527 of the IRS tax code

  • Push for the election of candidates that will work to support our nation's Volunteer Firefighters

  • Work towards the passage of laws to help protect the jobs of Volunteer Firefighters injured in the line of duty or that miss work due to responding to emergencies.

  • ​Greater protections of good Samaritan laws and a more uniform standard of good Samaritan laws to help protect responders attempting to help the general public.

  • Greater tax benefits for health providers willing to perform physicals for the fire service.

  • A national death benefit for Volunteer Firefighters that died during the line of duty.

  • ​Push for legislation that promotes safety for Volunteer Firefighters while responding to incidents and while on the scene of an incident.


Firefighters risk everything to protect their communities and neighborhoods; it is incumbent on society to help protect these brave men and women whenever possible. The general public and our elected leaders have a moral obligation to insure these fine paramedics & firefighters are supported and have protections due to them.