National Cancer Awareness PAC

An Initiative of the National Awareness Committee PAC, a political organization(not a charity) established under Section 527 of the IRS tax code

You can be involved in the cause to fight cancer by volunteering for community work or advocacy efforts. Getting involved can be personally rewarding and can help others. Whether you enroll in a research study, serve as an advisor or volunteer for an advocacy group, you can make a difference. Being involved in such efforts makes you part of the progress being made to end breast cancer.

How cancer legislation can impact prevention, treatment and cost of care

Cancer might not seem all that political; after all, it is an equal-opportunity illness that can impact anyone no matter their age, race, ethnicity, religion or beliefs. Cancer doesn’t care who you voted for or if you voted at all.

So how does cancer tie to politics?

The answer is that cancer researchers, in their search for new information to understand the disease and develop new treatments, discover ways the public can be protected from cancer-causing substances in the environment or best equipped to fight cancer should the need arise.

Passing federal and statewide policies that help prevent and treat cancer is critical to building healthy communities, Through advocacy and public education, we aim to make cancer a top priority for public officials at every level of government.